Why I Offer FREE Consultations



‘If a doula is meant to provide you with information, why offer a FREE consultation?’

I believe a doula is so much more than a walking, talking, Google. They are your support, your best friend during pregnancy, the glue that holds your birth team together and keeps your head in the game.

But not every doula is right for every person. As your potential doula, I already want you to get the support you and your partner need for your birth experience. We have to VIBE.


That is why I offer initial consultations for FREE.


What do these consultations look like?


Usually we will meet at a public location (for both of our safety) – a coffee shop, park, library, etc. I like to get an understanding of your birth wishes and what you might be expecting from doula support. I answer any questions you might have about doula support and about me. Some common ones include:

  • Are you trained? What did that entail?

  • Are you certified?

  • How many births have you attended?

  • Are you experienced in High Risk Birth, Multiples, Cesareans, Home Birth, Hospital Birth, etc

  • What if I go into labor in the middle of the night, can I still call you?

  • How will you help support my partner? They want to be involved and don’t want you to replace them.

  • How do you work alongside Nurses and Providers?

  • What is your fee?

  • Do you have back-ups?

Then I will have some questions for you:

  • How has this pregnancy been?

  • What are your hopes and concerns for this birth?

  • What role does your partner want to play in your birth?

  • How do you see me supporting you?

We talk about next steps, exchange contact information, and I give you a folder with more information and contracts should you choose to peruse and sign.

NO HASSLE, NO FUSS, and you get to decide if I am the right doula for your birth team without any pressure.

So let’s schedule a consultation today!

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